12/2/15: Go smokefree for the ones you love this Valentine's Day

Are you wondering what special gift to give your loved ones this Valentine's Day? Why not give them the gift of a smokefree household?
Secondhand smoke is the smoke that you breathe in from other people's cigarettes; it is the smoke exhaled and also the smoke created by the lit end of a cigarette. Thirdhand smoke is what is given off from soft furnishings after being absorbed when people smoke indoors.
People who breathe in secondhand smoke are at risk of many of the same diseases as smokers, including lung cancer and heart disease. Breathing in secondhand smoke can increase your risk of lung cancer by 24% and heart disease by 25%. Children are particularly vulnerable as they have a higher breathing rate and less-developed airways, lungs and immune systems. Children breathing in secondhand smoke has resulted in 300,000 GP visits and 9,500 hospital admissions in the UK.
But it isn't just the people in your household who may be affected; secondhand smoke can also harm your pets. Dogs who live with a smoker are 60% more likely to develop lung cancer, and cats living with a smoker are more than twice as likely to develop lymphoma (a type of cancer).
A completely smokefree home and car is the only way to ensure that your children and family are protected from the dangers of secondhand smoke, and they will also benefit from the knowledge that their loved one is smokefree and reducing their own risk of health issues.
There are loads of ways you and your family can benefit from making your home and car smokefree:
• Helps to protect your family from the poisons that can damage their health
• Keeps your home, car and clothes smelling fresh
• Lowers the chance of having a fire in your home
• Reduces insurance premiums
• Helps you quit smoking
Everyone benefits from you choosing to quit - most of all, you.
Our trained advisors can discuss the dangers of secondhand smoke with you and support you on your smokefree journey. You're 4 times more likely to succeed with our help, so get in touch! You can use the referral form found at www.stop4life.co.uk, email help@stop4life.co.uk, freephone 0800 612 4580 or text Stop4life and your name to 60777.