Why quit?

There are many benefits to stopping smoking with Stop4Life, you will feel better in yourself, drastically improve your health and save a lot of money, so why not take the first step now and see what it can do for your life.

There are over 4000 chemical compounds in a single cigarette and at least 400 toxic substances which you are putting into your body. The substances which are most damaging are:

Tar, a carcinogen (substance that causes cancer).
Nicotine is additive and increases cholesterol levels in your body.
Carbon Monoxide reduces oxygen in the body.

1 in 2 long term smokers will die as a result of smoking. There's no quick fix and no one will say that giving up is easy but with willpower, determination and support you can give up and improve your life NOW!

What health benefits will I see?

You will considerably reduce the risk of developing smoking related illness such as various cancers including lung, mouth, throat, larynx, gullet (oesophagus), pancreas, bladder, cervix, blood (leukaemia) and kidney are all illnesses associated with smoking. Other illnesses that can be enhanced by smoking including cardiovascular disease, emphysema, circulatory problems, gum disease, sexual problems including infertility and ageing.

  • You will protect the people around you from second-hand smoke and related illnesses.
  • You will reduce the risk of your children suffering from asthma or glue ear.
  • You will improve your fertility levels and your chance of a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • You will see a difference in your breathing and general fitness.
  • You will enjoy food more because you will be able to taste food.

What lifestyle benefits will I see?

  • You will save money, how much depends on how heavy a smoker you are but even if you don't smoke that much over time you will see how much you can save and put it towards a holiday!
  • You will no longer smell of cigarettes.
  • Your skin will look better and your teeth will also improve.
  • Your home will smell nicer, no more yellow walls!
  • You may find more friends after you stop smoking and won't be creating second-hand smoke anymore.

The benefits from stopping smoking come into effect within 20 minutes of putting out your last cigarette.

20 minutes - your blood pressure and pulse return to normal. Circulation improves.

8 hours - nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in the body fall, oxygen levels in your blood return to normal.

2 days - Your taste and smell improves and nicotine is removed from your body.

1 day - carbon monoxide leaves your body. Your lungs start to clear out mucus.

3 days - Breathing becomes easier and you start to have more energy.

2 weeks - withdrawal symptoms begin to ease. Walking and exercise is easier.

1 month - withdrawal symptoms have stopped, while breathing and energy levels continue to improve.

3 - 9 months - your lung efficiency is up by 5-10 per cent. Breathing problems are fading away as well as coughing and wheezing.

1 year - risk of heart attack halved.

10 years - the chance of you getting lung cancer is now halved and your chances of having a heart attack are now the same as someone who's never smoked.